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Iron Gates

May as well follow yesterday’s entry with a few more gates, iron gates this time. There is not much to be said about these gates except that diversity in design is the bottom line.

And that beautiful gate on the Victoria Parliament Buildings closes this series for now.


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Wooden gates

There is such a variety of gates. The following gates are a very small sampling. They are not fancy or majestic but show originality.  All the included gates exist on the southern part of Vancouver Island.  First a few older ones. They are of the classic sort rather than totally unique.

Solid Hardware does the job, stands up to time, and looks good.

The next gates are a bit newer and definitely original in design.

Sometime in the future a few iron gates will show in this blog. Many classic styles are readily available, and creativity in design is as rampant among iron gates as it is among the wooden ones.


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