A few Skutz Falls photos

The Skutz Falls are located in the Cowichan River a few miles down from Lake Cowichan. The word Skutz is derived from a local language meaning waterfall. I cannot see anything like a waterfall here, it is more like a short stretch of rapids. At twenty feet it is a good drop though and way too much to climb for the local fish on their spawning journeys. In 1955 fish ladders were built next to the rapids to help fish get to where they needed to go. These fish ladders consist of  interconnected compartments that slow down the current and allow the fish to struggle their way through these ladders upstream and past the rapids. During the winter season the river is plagued by humongous log jams that may need cutting up. There is some evidence of this where part of a log pile shows in one of the photographs.


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9 thoughts on “A few Skutz Falls photos

  1. Nice images, Mrjom.

    • Thank you Mike, over the years I have acquired loads of Cowichan River photographs. This year I hope to travel with camera up and down the river with a new approach to photographing it. So far the project is in the planning for May.

  2. Lovely photos. I’ll have to google Lake/River Cowichan to find out where it is. Your photos are stunning.

    • Thank you Angeline for your compliment. Have you googled our whereabouts? We are on Southern Vancouver Island about 20 km east of Duncan, country scarred by logging and still a few beautiful spots left.

  3. Another one of my very favorite places. Great set, Joseph, and thanks for sharing some info I was not aware of before! Isn’t this a wonderful place to live?

    • Joseph de Lange

      Yes, Mr Toad, this place definitely needs checking so once in a while.

  4. These are great. Make me feel as if I was there.

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