Chasing Spring

So I went into the forest looking for signs of spring. What I found was not much but that insipid status quo still asleep somewhere between yes and no.

I did see wet arbutus bark

Small bearded oak growth

and a very small pool

When photographing in the forest carry a tripod (mostly I don’t, but that definitely cramps my style). Lack of available light’ll trip you up constantly. There is always at least two or three stops less than on the road. Looking at the surface of that little pool I noticed some bug activity too small for my camera and my eye to really catch, but there is a sign of spring.

In conclusion I managed to come up with some spring growth at the edge of this forest rather than in it. In another month I have to check back for wildflower activity of which no signs show at this time in this place.

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13 thoughts on “Chasing Spring

  1. Nice work, Joseph.

  2. Makes me want to go for a walk in the woods. I love the arbutus bark, and the little pool in the stump. The wild spring will be soon, the garden spring is already emerging.

    • Joseph de Lange

      Don’t do enough forest exploration these days, but you are right, the best time for forest walks is approaching rapidly. Visiting Victoria today though to see spring (hopefully) rather than chase it.

      • Shouldn’t be too hard to find. Even a dismal and mostly concrete corner of Victoria like View and Quadra has an early flowering cherry that is getting into it.

      • That place is a 10 minute walk from my house and I have never been there. But, I have been meaning to take my camera for a visit – I really should get on with that idea.

  3. I am so ready for spring now, Joseph, it’s not funny! Love that arbutus bark shot, that’s very visually interesting my friend!

    • Joseph de Lange

      Thanks for your compliment on the Arbutus photo Mr Toad. It is a beautifully exotic looking tree, and it is sad to see the species around here having such a hard time lately. As far as spring is concerned, people from the southern part of Vancouver Island have more right to it than the rest of the country because southern Vancouver Islanders are ready for it earlier, but that may be just my opinion.

  4. Great images. Yes I’m so ready for Spring!!! Today we got another darn snow blizzard while we had 2 wonderful days this past week. Is funny about the tripod, I as well find it a pain in the rear (lol) to carry around! I bought one thinking alright, I will be carrying this baby all the time. So, that day I took it on a hike and I was like, Oh my GOD! It just wasn’t me!! I know that you need it for certain things but I try “NOT ” to even use it. Is just not my style.. Like your images… Laz

    • Sorry about your snow, Laz, I say with a grin, and thanks for the compliment. I must add to our tripod conversation (there is always one in the car to take on a hike or whatever but mostly it tends to stay in the car) that whenever a photo is not sharp enough where it should be sharp I kick myself for not using the tripod.

      • I’m totally with you on the tripod=car-decoration front. When I bought my tripod in a thrift store (it is a pretty decent tripod) it came with two other devices – one like a c-clamp to attach a camera to places like table edges or flat railings and another with lots of straps and velcro to attach a camera to a small tree or round railing or similar. I have a small camera bag so these don’t travel with me, but they easily could and really should. Of course (says the cynic in me), when really needed there would not be suitable place to attach them and they might as well be in the car communing with the tripod for all the good they would do.

        • Joseph de Lange

          Could go on for ever about these necessary evils called tripods. For the studio one can use whatever one needs. It’s all handy there. Outside, having tried all the odd contraptions you mention, Ephem, I go for a standard size lightweight tripod (depending on the weight of the lenses used). My other stabilizer is the bag the camera is carried in (i’m afraid it is what my wife calls a manbag, reasonably flat). It can be put down on any surface and shaped somewhat to the needs of the situation. It works. With this conversation comes my belated new year’s resolution to have a tripod with me more often. ;)

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